Move Beyond Theory into Practice
Skillfully Said provides leaders with a playground to practice their leadership skills and get personalized feedback in conversations with AI characters
92% of leaders found Skillfully Said very helpful for learning new skills
*Results from Beta testing
Busy leaders get to practice anytime, anywhere
To develop skills, leaders need repeated practice and accurate feedback. However, existing approaches pose many barriers:
  • Traditional solutions (e.g. Trainings and Coachings) can be cost and time intensive, making it hard to scale
  • E-learning is scalable, but focused on theory not practice
Skillfully Said uses AI to provide learners with personalized practice opportunities and feedback. Get high quality learning without the cost and time limitations of other methods.
Adaptable to fit any leadership program
Skillfully Said is designed to fit seamlessly into your current Leadership Development Initiatives
  • Fully customizable to your existing training content and business reality
  • Free facilitation guides enable you to embed Skillfully Said into your own blended learning journey - no reliance on external trainers
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How does Skillfully Said work?
Learning Made Simple
  • Skills are broken down into easy to follow steps, with video examples of what good looks like
  • Learners immediately practice what they learned in conversations with AI characters representing their peers, direct reports, or boss
  • Learning is impactful but bite sized; each convo can be completed and debriefed in 15-20 minutes
See for yourself
Real-time feedback and support during conversations
During each practice conversation in Skillfully Said:
  • Immediate feedback shows what you are doing well 😀 and where you can improve 🤔
  • Tailored recommendations help you know what to say next
Personalized debriefs after each conversation
  • An AI-generated debrief, tailored to the learner, helps them understand what they need to do to improve their score and impact in the next conversation
  • A star system encourages iterative learning and helps learners track their growth throughout the journey
Leaders learn and have fun together!
Individual goals
Challenge yourself with new goals each week
Team goals
Collaborate to contribute to team learning
Leader Boards
A friendly competition that tracks progess against peers
What skills are available?
Existing Skills
Feedback for Performance
Coaching Team Members
Coming Soon
Skillfully Said will soon offer a full suite of first-time leader topics, such as:
  • Delegation for accountability
  • Influencing without authority
  • Managing team conflicts
  • Translating & Communicating Strategy
Interested in creating a custom skill for your organization?
Our Pricing Options
Free Trial
Want to test it out for yourself?
Free; no payment details necessary
  • Limited access to our "Feedback for Growth" and "Coaching Team Members" modules
  • Try up to 3 conversations per module
  • Experience our AI-characters and real-time feedback for yourself
  • Gain insight into whether this would be a valuable solution for your organization
Not sure if Skillfully Said is right for you? Ask us about our light and fuss-free pilot program!
500€ total package (up to 6 learners)
  • 1 module/topic of your choice
  • Facilitated kick-off and debrief sessions by our expert leadership coaches
  • Access to community learning and expert support in our “Leadership Insights Hub” on Slack
We'll empower you with everything you need to develop your leaders internally.
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  • Custom AI-enhanced learning journeys
  • Access to community learning and expert support in our “Leadership Insights Hub” on Slack
  • Possibility to customize learning experience to company values, characters and scenarios
  • Explore additional support options for using Skillfully Said in blended learning:
    • Train the Trainer
    • Free facilitation guides for internal debrief sessions
    • Expert coaches for facilitated debriefs
* With purchase of 10 or more licenses